Greener Packaging

Packaging for a better planet

In addition to making today’s working environment better through innovative processes and manufacturing solutions, C-P Flexible Packaging is also taking the lead in creating packages for a better tomorrow by providing alternate green materials and ideas for package source reductions.

Alternative Materials

C-P Flexible Packaging is working with biodegradable polyactic acid (PLA) in flexible packaging and shrink sleeve applications.

Film Source Reduction

Conversion from 3 ply to 2 ply barrier structures, especially for applications with candy, baked goods and nuts, allows for the overall use of less material.

Carton Replacement

Provide cost effective packaging that can eliminate the need for cartons, they include: full range of  re- sealable packaging options, shrink sleeves to bundle multiple products or our newest innovation the XT720 Extended Shrink label that allows you to add 100 more space for information on the same container. The ability to space for copy provides option to eliminate the added expense of a carton.