Our Commitment

Sustainability Mission Statement
C-P Flexible Packaging will conduct business in a manner that is environmentally responsible, by ensuring that all aspects of our business  are constantly evaluated for their environmental impact, in order that we may provide a safe and healthy environment for all employees, visitors and residents of the surrounding communities, and optimize product safety , integrity and sustainability for customers.

C-P is an EPA Green Power Partner!

Steps towards greater sustainability for the production of flexible packagingAs a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, C-P Flexible Packaging (C-P ) is focused  on making an impact in the following areas - Recycling - Energy Conservation - Manufacturing Processes.

C-P Flexible Packaging is committed to protecting the environment through energy conservation, recycling waste streams, developing sustainable packaging, source reduction programs, process optimization and efficient transportation programs.

C-P Flexible Packaging currently recycles many waste streams through out the facility. 

Energy Conservation

The installation of a new scrubbing unit has reduced natural gas usage by 40%.

Manufacturing Processes
C-P Flexible Packaging has worked to remain compliant with all State and Federal regulations concerning air, residuals and hazardous waste. The company has also implemented new ink and plate technologies to reduce solvent emissions.