XT720 Extended Shrink Sleeve Label

Can I use my current container and equipment?

The primary application is for flat walled containers up to 400mm in circumference. Containers can be round or flat with some contour. C-P will review your current container to ensure that it can be used. If not, we will suggest potential options. Label applicators, cutting blades, tunnel temperature and operating conditions may need to be adjusted but equipment should remain the same.

Can I use the XT720 shrink label as a Bundle Pack?

Yes. Using the XT720 to bundle multiple items provides an opportunity to eliminate extraneous boxes, cartons or other bundling materials.

Are there any graphic limitations to the XT720 extended shrink label?

Surface printed process-color graphics are used for the basic label. Typically, the interior label employs standard one-color printing suitable for text.

What type of film is used?

Primarily, the film used for this label is a white high-opacity film that is available in both a matte and glossy finish. Clear film is also available in both a matte and glossy finish.

Since this is surface print will it scuff?

We use an over lacquer to avoid potential scuffing.

How do I know if XT720 is right for my application?

The fastest and easiest way is to contact:
Tony Camerota at C-P Flexible Packaging.
Call Tony directly at 717-764-1193, or
e-mail him at tcamerota@cpflexpack.com.

He will work to profile your need and evaluate the benefits and applicability of XT720 for your specific project. Tony can outline the entire process: from concept through samples, production and application. Or you can send your current labeled product along with your contact information for a complete review to: Attn Tony Camerota, C-P Flexible Packaging, 15 Grumbacher Road, York, Pennsylvania 17406. Either way, C-P Flexible Packaging can help you add a new dimension to your label.

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