Process Solutions

Improving the working environment

C-P Flexible Packaging (C-P) is dedicated to exploring options as a way to bring the best possible packaging solutions to their customers. That’s why the company continually looks to improve the way projects are managed – from start to finish.

C-P is devoted to a customer-centric way of conducting business. From administration and technical support to production and scheduling, C-P Flexible Packaging has instituted a number of systems to facilitate complete, accurate and timely completion of every job. Soft proofing and a fully digital pre-press workflow ensure accurate and consistent printing results. C-P offers technical support for both field service and product development. This includes structure/materials selection and assistance with equipment and production efficiencies and performance. Remote access inventory business reports and vendor managed inventory business programs offer an extra measure of customer control.

Efficient project management is key to ensuring a successful outcome, reducing stress and building long-term relationships.